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Lone Rider’s tents are built by riders for riders, and therefore, have lots of features that make them perfect for motorcycle camping.
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€ 499.99

The MotoTent™ is designed to shelter one or two riders, their gear and one adventure motorcycle with panniers. It also has a motorcycle canopy that hides the motorcycle from curious eyes while protecting it from the elements. It also provides a large sleeping area where two motorcyclists and their equipment can fit with ease. A vestibule is also included where...

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€ 199.99

The MiniTent is a high quality, compact and very practical one person tent. What sets this one-man tent apart from the others on the market? It has space for bags inside it. It has a rainfly and an inside tent, so you can use only the inside tent in warm weather and watch the stars while you fall asleep. All...

€ 349.00

ADV Tent - Adventure Motorcycle Tent   The ADV Tent is a motorcycle tent designed to shelter one or two riders, their gear and all luggage. Drawing on almost a decade of tent design and manufacture, the latest addition to the Lone Rider tent family builds upon a history of quality and exceptionally functional tents for motorcycle camping. This tent is...

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€ 29.00

ADV Tent Motorcycle Tent SOS Ground Sheet The ground sheet protects the ADV Tent floor extending the life of the tent considerably.  It protects against dirt working its way into the fabrics which can damage the waterproof sealing and stitching. A ground sheet reduces the chance of sleeping air mattress punctures.  The ground sheet has a reflective SOS sign to get the attention of rescue...